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Goodguys 2nd Annual North Carolina Nationals

Recap of the Second Annual North Carolina National Goodguys event. We always love to be able to attend/participate in any Goodguys event. They are always fun and exciting. My family and I always like to turn the Goodguys events into a family vacation. We headed to Raleigh, NC on Friday after work. It was a short drive for us. Keep in mind my wife is seven months pregnant with our second child. She is a real trooper. We get to the hotel right before the sun set. I managed to get a stealer deal on a room at a Hilton. The Hotel was very nice. Once we arrived, we unloaded the car and called in a pizza from Papa Johns, hard to beat a Papa Johns pizza! After we had finished the pizza, it was time for our little girl to do as all children do at a hotel, jump from one bed to another. Before we knew it, Night Night time was here. We hit the sack in preparation for Saturday.

Saturday came, and we headed out after an excellent breakfast at the hotel. Saturday was our day CJTurtleto explore Raleigh and see what it has to offer. It is an elegant town. Raleigh is known as the City of Oaks. It is called this because of all the Oak trees. We departed the hotel and traveled to an NC state park. Once we arrived, we went to the welcome center to see what it had to offer. In the welcome center, they had some excellent displays for the kids. Our little girl was having a blast. You can see in the picture; she loved the turtle.

After we had all the fun we could have in the welcome center, we walked to the water wheGritsMillel. Water wheels are one of our favorite things to see.

It is now lunch time. We traveled back to the trucLunchk to grab lunch we had packed. We then found us a beautiful spot to have a picnic. After lunch, it was time for a quick hike around the park. After the hike, we drove back to the hotel for a swim and supper.

Before we knew it, the sun waPitss coming up, and it was time to get ready. We had a bite for breakfast and headed to the fairgrounds. We arrived, registered then proceeded to our grid spot. Once we reached grid, we unloaded the car and teched in. Once teched, we anxiously waited for our turn to go. 22 cars were running All American Sunday. I was able to make numerous runs. We probably made 15 runs this day. Below is a video of one of the runs.



I managed to place fifth overall. I was the fastest straight axel car. I finished behind a 06 Vette, father/son 03 Vette, and an LS swapped Porshe. Below you can see the results from the autocross for All American Sunday.

Pos. Class # Rookie Driver Car Model Total Diff. From 1st
ss – ‘Super Sunday’ Total Entries: 22
1T 447 Mike Johnson 06 Chevy Corvette 00:35.0 [-]0.042
2T 1053 Marshall Machado 03 Chevy Corvette 00:35.0 0.042 0.042
3T 1049 Chris Porter 86 Porche 948 00:35.2 0.232 0.274
4T 1054 Rob Machado 03 Chevy Corvette 00:35.5 0.235 0.509
5T 1059 Chase Watson 01 Chevy Camaro 00:36.6 1.16 1.669
6T 1047 Robert Ballard 04 Ford Mustang Mach 1 00:38.0 1.376 3.045
7 1046 Eric Waters 14 Dodge Challenger 00:38.2 0.165 3.21
8 647 Chris Lewis 15 Dodge Challenger 00:38.5 0.326 3.536
9 1048 Luke Vigneault 11 Dodge Challenger 00:38.6 0.098 3.634
10 1113 Roy Hicks 07 Ford Mustang GT 00:38.8 0.217 3.851
11 1076 Jonathan White 02 Chevy Camaro SS 00:38.8 0.024 3.875
12 1043 Randy Ivy 11 Ford Mustang 00:39.4 0.56 4.435
13 448 Kandy Johnson 06 Chevy Corvette 00:39.4 0.004 4.439
14 1072 Victor Hazi 98 Pontiac Trans Am 00:39.4 0.009 4.448
15 963 Randy Murray 14 Chevy Camaro 00:40.2 0.809 5.257
16 1065 John Pasemann 15 Dodge Charger 00:40.3 0.074 5.331
17 1064 Melissa Phillips 84 GMC C-10 00:40.5 0.2 5.531
18 1067 Raleigh Harness 14 Chevy Camaro SS 00:40.9 0.39 5.921
19 1050 Chris Kempfer 99 Pontiac Trans Am 00:41.0 0.103 6.024
20 1057 Rusty Kelley 77 Pontiac Trans Am 00:41.7 0.697 6.721
21 1118 Richard McCullum 69 Chevy Camaro 00:43.3 1.596 8.317
22 1061 Bill Clemet 77 Pontiac Trans Am 00:43.6 0.32 8.637


The Autocross shut down at 11. My family and I walked to find something to eat. We managed to get us a big plate of home fries and a good sloppy Hamburger. Next on the agenda was to look at all the show cars. We browsed the large show car lot. I pulled my little girl in her wagon all over the fair grounds. The sun was now lowering in the sky, and it was time to head back to reality. We packed the car and headed for home sweet home.


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