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SCCA Track Night In America @ CMP

June’s Track Night In America was a pretty important event for Watson Hot Rod Garage. This track day was the last chance we had on the road course before the big event. If you don’t know what big event we are referring to stay tuned. We were not the only one testing for the big event. There was a BRZ, late model Mustang, and a couple classic Camaros. The Camaro did great. The temperature was sweltering. We were also able to achieve a personal best for the Camaro. The Camaro managed to run a 1.58. Below is a video of the lap

There was also another personal first set at the track day. My brother in law “John Folger” meet us there. The track is on the way home from his work. For the parade laps, we took his Volt to the track. It was an excellent experience for both. This was not only John’s first time on the track but also his first time driving on track. He had a blast. We just wish we would have stuck the camera in the car to get his reaction. John has been a real big help to us. He has spent many long grueling days at the track helping. We can not thank him enough. It was great to see the smile on his face after this life changing experience.

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