Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car @ Charlotte NC July 30th-31st 20016

Here is a recap to share my family’s experience at Optima Search for the Ultimate Street car at Charlotte Motor Speed July 30th and 31st. This race was not only special because it was at a world famous NASCAR track. It was special because it was my wife’s and I 6th wedding anniversary! What better way to celebrate our wedding anniversary than to be racing at a world famous NASCAR track. We were on the same track famous drivers trade paint on.

We arrived on Friday so I could attend Ron Sutton seminar. It was amazing. The seminar was on car set-up and suspension tuning. This took place in the speedway club. I have always wanted to go there and see what it was all about. My dream came true.

While I was attending the seminar, my family was settling in at the campground in front of ZMax Drag way. We rented a camper for the weekend. After the seminar, I was able to tech the car in. We then grab a bite to eat and hung out at the campground. Sitting there soaking it all in. Nothing better than hearing nature and then a rumbling car crank up in the background.

Saturday morning could not get here fast enough. I woke up with the chickens and took my short drive to the track. Pulled the generator out and started her up, cranked the AC to max cool to help fight the brutal heat that was coming fast. Had to make sure my six weeks old did not get too hot. This was her first time at the track. Track walks were next. Walked the autocross and speed stop to get a game plan. Next was the driver’s meeting. Then it was on to racing. Since I had speed stop first, I jumped into the car to get the Design and Engineering completed. I was second in line. I placed 22nd in class and 48th overall. Now with D&E completed it was on to the speed stop. I manage to pull out a 6th place GT class finish and a 20th overall. Lunch time came and went, and now it was time for the Autocross portion. I manage to pull out an 11th place GT class finish and a 32nd overall. With the autocross portion over, it was on the road rally. Go Pro Motorplex here we come. Once we got to Go Pro they had supper prepared for us, and what a spread it was. Then it was back home to play with my oldest girl on the swing set. I pushed her on the swing as the sun set. Then off to bed. I was up again with the chicken. Watched the sunrise over the track as we were pulling in. Next was the drivers meeting, then on to the racing. I manage to pull out a 17th place GT class finish and a 37th overall. With all the segments combined, I manage to pull out an 11th in class and 28th overall. I was happy with my place especially considering what I was up against. Now it is time to pack up and go home to share all the stories from the weekend.

If you have never attended or raced at an OSUSC event, you need to. This is a bucket list item. The people are awesome in the series and events are very well run. You will see anything from a Mazda Maita to classic pro-touring Vette to a Porsche GT3, and everything in-between. Hope to see you at an event.

Now, a little about the car I am racing. The 01 Camaro is mildly built. It has headers, full exhaust, lid, tune, Strano springs, Koni shocks, Tubular Lower control arms, Panhard bar, and relocation brackets. This car is also automatic. I have built this car out of used parts from internet forums. This goes to show if you want to be out there you don’t have to have the best or newest you just got to DRIVE!!!

Thanks to my wife, kids, family, friends, and the Lord for all the help and support they give me!!!

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