Track Night America

Camaro Z28 And Mustang GT350 @ CMP For Track Night America 8/25/16

Quick video of my buddy and I, duking it out @ Carolina Motorsport Park for Track Night in America. These are remarkable events. SCCA Track Night in America events are focused at first timers. No race cars are allowed. This event is an awesome way to be able to drive on track. You are on track for a total of 60 min. The 60 min is broken up into three 20 min sessions. If you sign up for the beginner class, before you go on the track there is a driver meeting. In the meeting, all questions you might have are answered. After the meeting they have a lead follow to show the racing line. Next the Intermediate proceeds for their 20 min session. Then, it is back to the beginners to run there 20 min session. After each beginner session, they have a debriefing to go over the questions.

Below is a video of my fastest lap for the day. I managed to hit a personal best of 1.52.

Track Night America is a very well executed event. It is an excellent way to have your first track experience or a grand way for season driver to keep their skills honed. Lastly, you don’t have to have the greatest/newest car to have fun; all you need is the Passion.
Thanks to my wife, kids, family, friends, and the Lord for all the help and support they give me!!!

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