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LS Fest East 2017

A quick recap of LS Fest East. Unfortunately, we were not able to compete due to my neck complications. We were able to test out my Dad’s new to him RV. This rig was a beast. The Jayco 34SS rides on a Kodiak 5500 chassis. It is powered by a Duramax diesel. We managed to average 12 mpg on this trip. Our trip to LS Fest started Wednesday. We managed to make it to Gaffney SC before we pulled into Cracker Barrell for Supper. After the big supper, we were tired so we decided to see if we could just stay in the parking lot for the night. Since we were new to RVing we were not sure how this was going to work. We were very skeptical, to say the least. When we woke up in the morning we then realized how awesome RVing was. Fixed a quick breakfast, showered and the adventure started again. Blowing Green Kentucky here we come. We arrived at Beech Bend park around 6 that night. We made our way in and found a spot to call home for the weekend. Within 30 min we had the Rig set up and lighted to coals on the grill. Before we knew it was Friday morning. The motors were rumbling, and the action started. The drag strip was prepped and ready. Autocross track walks were going on and the cars were prepping to make their runs. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were the big days for LS Fest. LS Fest has activities for everyone. At LS Fest one can participate in the Car Show, Autocross, 3S challenge, track attack, drift, and/or drag race. Also, you will find various classes one could compete in. For more information about LS Fest visit Here you can also find the results of all the competitions. The weather was perfect all weekend. Here are some pictures from the event. Next thing we know it is Sunday. We started the morning off by going to Church right at the track. We watch a little racing and before we knew, it was time to go home. We headed back to the Carolina’s Sunday afternoon trying to beat the hurricane which threatened us. All the way home we could not stop talking about the fun we had. This is definitely an event we will attend next year. See yall there!

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